Bison traffic jam

Elk Island National Park

Watch in awe from the safety of your car as a herd of bison graze before you in an open meadow, steam rising from their woolly coats on cool mornings. Inch forward and feel your pulse accelerate as the prehistoric behemoths grunt and paw the earth. One raises its head, casts a glance your way, then the herd of a dozen amble onto the roadway.

Lower your window and breathe in the earthy scent of the bison all around you as they shuffle and grunt. Imagine the fear and exhilaration of the Indigenous hunter sneaking up on the herd as the animals get closer.

A large bull bison walks along a paved road as a visitor watches from the safety of their car.

Elk Island National Park may be the only place in Canada where you can get stuck in a bison traffic jam. While you may find yourself in the middle of the herd at any time of year, bison are particularly active in the late-July to early August rutting period.

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