Elk Island National Park

Elk Island National Park boasts some of North America’s best wildlife viewing. To improve your chances of catching a glimpse of bison, elk, birds or other amazing animals in the park, plan your visit around dawn and dusk, times of day that provide a better chance to sight wildlife. Many animals shelter in the trees during the warmest parts of the day. Please treat the landscape and its inhabitants with respect;

  • Use one of the road side pull-off sites along the Elk Island Parkway or Administration Road to park your vehicle while taking a photograph;
  • Do not surround, crowd or follow an animal;
  • Never put people (especially children) at risk by posing them with wildlife;
  • Do not entice wildlife with food or by simulating animal calls;
  • Do not honk your horn or put people at risk by posing them with wildlife;
  • Be patient!

Commercial Photography or filming
Professional photographers and film makers working on projects within Elk Island National Park require a temporary business licence. Send an email or visit the permits and licenses webpage to learn more about the film permit and business licence application.

Be Bison Wise

Bison are wild animals. Even though they look docile they are dangerous, unpredictable, and may charge without warning. Approaching bison is unlawful and puts yourself and others at risk. Please view bison safely and follow these simple tips.

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