Traction kiting

Jasper National Park

Go where the wind takes you

Are you a traction kiter and are looking for a new place to practice your sport? You can now add Jasper National Park to your list of places to visit. Come experience traction kiting with our mountains as your backdrop.

What is traction kiting?

Traction kiting involves being pulled by a kite over snow, ice, water or land. It requires long runs of flat, open area, steady wind, specialized equipment and skill. It is a relatively new sport currently practiced in Riding Mountain, Waterton Lakes, Sirmilik and recently, Jasper National Park.

Where can you practice traction kiting?

  • Water-based: Recommended on Jasper Lake which is 9.7km long.
  • Snow and ice-based: Allowed on any lake with the exception of Mildred Lake.
  • On land: To practice your technical skills choose closed roads and closed parking areas such as Snaring Overflow.
  • Please avoid grasslands and other areas where you could damage vegetation.
  • Get the latest information on closed and restricted areas

Remember, you are responsible for your own safety

  • Always wear safety gear accordingly to the type of surface you are kiting on.
  • Know your equipment.
  • Be aware of the weather forecast.
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you are expected back.
  • For more information on safety, please contact the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO), the Professional Air Sports Association (PASA), the Canadian Kiteboarding Association (CKA) or the United States Kiteboarder Association (USKA).


Call 911 (will not work on a satellite phone) or call Jasper National Park Dispatch office at 780-852-3100. Cell phone reception is unreliable.

For more information review our Guidelines for New Recreational Activities (PDF, 1 MB) or contact the Information Centre at 780-852-6176. 

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