Small-scale travel media film and photo project registration

Jasper National Park

This project registration form is for small travel media crews that wish to film or take photos in Parks Canada locations. “Travel media” includes journalists, freelancers, photographers, videographers, bloggers and social media influencers. Your project must meet all of the criteria below to proceed with this project registration. It is strongly encouraged to register at least 20 business days prior to your proposed shoot start date.

Small-scale travel media film and photo project registration

The project is intended to inform audiences about the work of Parks Canada and/or to promote visitation to Parks Canada places (required)

The crew, including talent, is no more than six (6) people(required)

The photo and/or video equipment is limited to cameras, tripods, microphones or other hand-held equipment (required)

All members of the crew will remain in areas open to the public (e.g., established trails) and the activities will take place during normal operating hours (required)

All members of the crew will adhere to all laws and regulations in force at the Parks Canada location(s) (required)

I confirm no drones or aircraft will be used (required)

If you answered “No” to any of the above questions, a film/photo permit is required for your project. Contact the Parks Canada location or for assistance with your application.
Primary contact

Secondary contact

Project information

Please list each location in detail that you plan to visit in the national park.

If your project is being supported by a third party such as a destination marketing organisation, government agency or private sector company, please include details here.

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