Caribou recovery

Jasper National Park

Keeping caribou on the land

Indigenous knowledge holders and archaeologists know that humans and caribou have shared the lands in what is now Jasper National Park for thousands of years. A very old caribou antler found preserved in an ice patch shows that caribou have existed here for at least 1300 years.

Mountain caribou depend on vast and undisturbed habitats. Over the last fifty years, mountain caribou herds in Alberta and British Columbia have gotten smaller in number and some herds have disappeared. Protected areas like national parks are key for their survival.

Parks Canada, in collaboration with partners, is working to protect and recover caribou in Jasper National Park. Our goal is to support caribou to once again thrive on their own.

News and updates

  • Parks Canada’s proposal for conservation breeding is available online. Read a summary or the full proposal.
  • Consultations on caribou conservation breeding in Jasper are ongoing with Indigenous partners and interested stakeholders. A public consultation period took place between April 1 and September 2, 2022.
  • A final decision on whether to proceed with a caribou conservation breeding program is expected in fall 2022.


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Public consultation closed September 2, 2022.

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