Jasper airstrip

Jasper National Park

On February 13, 2013, the National Parks Aircraft Access Regulations took effect that opened the Jasper airstrip to non-commercial recreational aircraft by permit.

Recreational pilots landing in Jasper National Park may do so under a permit system. 

  • The permit system involves registering at a self-serve station after landing and paying a fee.
  • The registration booth located at the airfield contains the self-registration information and payment system for the daily landing fees.
  • Annual permits and entry fees can be purchased in-person at the Jasper National Park Administration building or by phone at 780-852-6114 from 8:30 am until 4 pm Monday to Friday.
  • Commercial aircraft restricted. Canada National Parks of Canada Aircraft Access Regulations are enforced. Landings for emergencies or diversions are permitted.

Jasper National Park is home to caribou, bighorn sheep and mountain goats, all of which occupy treeless, alpine terrain and are known to flee from low flying aircraft. These wildlife flight guidelines are intended to help pilots alleviate some of this disturbance.

Jasper National Park does not provide winter maintenance of the Jasper airstrip. While it is unusual to have snow build up at the airstrip, snow may be removed only on an as-needed basis to ensure safety for emergency and diversionary purposes.

The Jasper airstrip is restricted to aircraft weighing 12,500 lbs or less. The National Parks Aircraft Access Regulations are enforced. Elk may be on the runway.

Parks Canada does not have the expertise to provide local flying information or advice.

For more information:

Pilots requiring local flight information should contact the Jasper Flying Club at 780-852-8593.

Information from the Jasper Flying Club is provided by volunteer pilots with local knowledge. Visiting pilots must ultimately use all information sources at their disposal to make flight plans and take full responsible for the safety of their aircraft and passengers.

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