Summer interpretive programs

Glacier National Park

Join a park interpreter for fun facts, interesting insights, amazing activities and educational entertainment! Programs are free to everyone with a national park pass; you don't need to be staying in a campground to join in the fun.

Mount Revelstoke National Park

Snowforest Campground (please note: parking is extremely limited)

The Forest Brain
Guided walk

Learn about new, ground-breaking research about the interconnected forest: how trees communicate, listen, share food with one another and more.

Canoes to Cars: a history of lower Mount Revelstoke
Campfire program

From Sturgeon-nosed canoes made of pine bark and cedar twine, to trains travelling though these valleys and cars driving to alpine meadows – follow the changes this region witnessed, including the creation of the park you are now standing in.

Special programming August 4 & 5 only: Revelstoke Wildflower Festival

Glacier National Park

Balu Pass Trail

Balu Bear Hike
Guided hike

Discover the secret world of bear signs. Check out a bear den, trails, scat and tracks. This is a 2-3 hr moderately strenuous hike up Balu Pass Trail. Group size is limited to 20. Register at the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre or call 250-837-7500.

Illecillewaet Campground

Wild women of the Selkirks
Guided walk

Come learn about the bold women that pushed social boundaries by climbing in the Selkirk mountains in the early 1900s.

All About Bears
Campfire program

Nervous about bears? Or just want to know more about them? Learn all about our local black and grizzly bears – check bear tracks, skulls, skins, scat (poop) and take the bear quiz.

Canadian Pacific Rail Tales
Campfire program

Find out how the railway found its way to Rogers Pass, forever changing this country we now call Canada.

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