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Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Site

Natural and supernatural in equal turns, Gwaii Haanas is a uniquely untouched ecological paradise off Canada’s West Coast with an indigenous history stretching back millennia. Kayak along shorelines teeming with sea stars, walk amid towering, century-old monumental poles and soak up the moss-shrouded magic of 1,884 islands and islets you’ll have nearly to yourself. Activities range from one-day guided boat trips to extended boating or kayaking adventures.

Haida cultural sites

Haida Gwaii Watchmen cabins, hotsprings, culturally modified trees and more can be seen in Gwaii Haanas. Cultural sites are also found in rivers, on beaches, in the intertidal zone and in the forest. It’s important to treat every area with respect as it could be a potential cultural site.

Haida Gwaii Watchmen

Explore historic Haida village sites with century-old carved poles and longhouse remains. The Haida Gwaii Watchmen welcome visitors and act as guardians.

Tours and programs

There are many ways to discover Gwaii Haanas. Come and explore!


Tour operators

Guided day trips, guided kayak excursions, guided sailboat and powerboat multiday excursions.

DIY activities

Try one of our DIY activities to learn more about Gwaii Haanas without leaving home!

Marine mammal watching

Get a glimpse of one of the twenty species of whales and dolphins in Gwaii Haanas. 

Forest restoration walk

Visit the cultural plant enclosures on Kunga Island to see the impact of deer browse on the forest.

Volunteer opportunities

Become a volunteer today for unique and enriching experiences in Gwaii Haanas.

Artist in Gwaii Haanas

Immersive program for visual artists in Gwaii Haanas for a 5-10 day period.

Laana DaaG̲ang.nga, Swan Bay Rediscovery Program

Summer cultural camp experience in Gwaii Haanas for Haida and other youth from all communities.

Mysteries of the Deep exhibit

Learn about Cuvier’s beaked whales in Gwaii Haanas and the exhibit at the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

Facilities and services

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