Media, film and photography permit

Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Site

Gwaii Haanas is cooperatively managed by the Archipelago Management Board (AMB), with equal representation from the Government of Canada and the Council of the Haida Nation (CHN). The AMB reaches decisions through consensus and oversees all aspects of Gwaii Haanas including the media, film and photography permit. Professional photographers, journalists, videographers, filmmakers, content creators (influencers, vloggers, bloggers)  and other media looking to cover Gwaii Haanas must apply for a permit from the AMB. The evaluation process for applications considers the potential environmental and cultural impacts on the area.

Recreational drone use at Gwaii Haanas is prohibited. For commercial drone use, please contact to submit a proposal.

The rules and fees
  • All media– including photograhers, film crews and content creators – featuring and travelling to Gwaii Haanas must obtain an approved media permit.
  • Completed media application forms with sufficient details are essential for permit approval.
  • An application processing fee is required (see table below)
  • All media must attend a Gwaii Haanas visitor orientation administered by Gwaii Haanas staff
  • All media must comply with visitor guidelines (7.45 MB,PDF).
  • Exclusive location use requires a location fee determined by crew size and visit length.
  • All media must keep a copy of the approved permit available for inspection.
  • Film companies must provide proof of insurance coverage (minimum $2,000,000 comprehensive general liability insurance).
  • Apply early! The Gwaii Haanas media services team needs a minimum of three weeks to process a media permit. Media permit applications are shared with the Council of the Haida Nation communications team.
  • All applications are reviewed by the council of the Haida Nation communications team and signed by the Archipelago Management Board Co-Chairs.
Fees (2024)
Production crew size Application fee Location fee (per day)
1 to 6 $ 160.00 $ 532.25
7 to 15 $ 399.25 $ 1064.75
16 to 30 $ 798.50 $ 1596.75
31 to 99 $ 2661.25 $ 2129.25
100 + $ 3193.75 $ 2661.25

Other fees may be applicable.

The process

Step 1: Download the Permit application form and complete the form with sufficient details at least three weeks in advance of your planned visitation dates. Email the completed version to

Step 2: Pay a non-refundable application processing fee via major credit cards, cheque or money order.

Step 3: Gwaii Haanas staff review and seek AMB Co-Chair approval/sign off.

Step 4: Schedule and attend a media orientation for all media crew members.

Step 5: Issue approved permit after orientation. A copy of the approved permit must be available for inspection.

Step 6: If needed, a Gwaii Haanas representative may join the crew in Gwaii Haanas, as required by the AMB or requested by the production company.

The perks

The following helpful services and support are provided to photographers, journalists, videographers, filmmakers, content creators (influencers, vloggers, bloggers) and other media:

  • A media kit with Gwaii Haanas Trip Planner, Gwaii Haanas and Haida Gwaii factsheets
  • Location consultation
  • Fact-checking
  • Assistance with coordinating interviews with Gwaii Haanas staff
  • Liaison with the Haida Gwaii Watchmen program
  • On site assistance for location advice, interviews and permit compliance
  • Liaison role with the Council of the Haida Nation to assist with possible interviews or fact-checking
  • Imagery or b-roll support
  • Gwaii Haanas staff travelling with media crew is available upon request by AMB or media applicants (additional fees may be required)


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