School and group programs

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Join a Parks Canada interpreter for one of our guided, educational school or group programs!

From May to September, we offer a variety of fun and engaging educational programs for your class or group. Come learn about Pacific Rim National Park Reserve; from rainforest and seashore explorations to coastal carnivores, or inquire about a program tailored to meet your needs.

Contact us for availability, information and fees.

Basic Guided School or Group Program

(Subject to availability)

Join one of our Parks Canada interpreters for a guided walk or talk! Explore a variety of environments from the rainforest to the seashore, or learn about wildlife and ecosystems protected by Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

Our most popular guided walk options include:

Explore the Seashore and tide-pools in front of the Kwisitis Visitors Centre with an interpreter who will help you discover the creatures and plants who make this dynamic environment their home.

Or join an interpreter on a forested trail for an exploration of ancient trees of the coastal temperate rainforest. Learn why Parks Canada protects and presents this iconic environment of Canada’s west coast and what makes it so special.

Length: 1-1.5 hours

Custom Enhanced School or Group Programs

(Subject to availability)

Enhanced interpretive programs allow us to customize a program or activity to specifically suit your group’s needs.  With Enhanced school or group programs, the cost per student/person will vary based on group size, as well as the specific program requested, and the amount of preparation required.  Enhanced programs can include guided walks, talks, theatre programs, and other activities depending on your group’s preferences.  Our interpretation team will help to develop something that is right for you!

Length: 1-1.5 hours, or custom length

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