Mount Revelstoke National Park

Mount Revelstoke National Park is famous for summer wildflower displays on the summit. Each year the meadows of the upper subalpine zone blossom into brilliant colour by the middle of August. It was the beauty of these meadows, so near to their town, that inspired a group of people in Revelstoke to lobby for the creation of the national park in 1914.

At the same time, skiing was booming as a popular activity. Mount Revelstoke's ski jump was one of the first in Canada and was internationally renowned as one of the finest natural jumps in the world. Several world ski jumping records were set here.


Mount Revelstoke was established as a National Park in 1914, after considerable advocacy by local residents, in recognition of its unspoiled mountain scenery, its sub-alpine wildflower meadows, and its potential for recreational use.

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