Nature and science

Yoho National Park

From river valleys and glaciers to alpine meadows and mountain peaks, Yoho National Park supports diverse ecosystems. Yoho’s alpine provides important habitat for mountain goats, grizzly bears, pikas and white bark pine. 


We are working to maintain and restore the park’s ecological health to ensure that Yoho National Park remains intact for future generations.


Yoho’s habitats support a diverse range of animals. The park is home to at least 224 species of birds, 58 species of mammals, 4 species of native fish and 1 species of reptile. Not to mention thousands of insects.


Glacial melt waters feed cascading waterfalls, turquoise lakes and the Kicking Horse River. Yoho’s alpine is also where some of the world’s most important fossils, the Burgess Shale, can be found. 

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