Riding Mountain National Park

Cannabis legalization and use in Parks Canada places

Issued: October 18, 2018

WASAGAMING, MANITOBA October 17, 2018 – The Cannabis Act has come into force, meaning that cannabis is now legalized and regulated in Canada. Relevant provincial and territorial cannabis laws will be applied at national parks, national historic sites, and national marine conservation areas. Visitors will need to inform themselves on the applicable provincial/municipal laws on cannabis use when planning their trip to a Parks Canada place. When planning a trip, visitors should also be aware of regulations relating to transporting cannabis across provincial/territorial borders.

In Riding Mountain National Park, cannabis consumption is being regulated in accordance with provincial/municipal regulations.

In accordance with Manitoba laws on cannabis use, the following regulations should be respected at all times;

  • Public consumption (including Day Use Areas): cannabis consumption is not permitted in day use areas.
  • Campgrounds: In Parks Canada campgrounds, cannabis consumption will be limited to campsites as they are considered temporary residences. Therefore, cannabis consumption will not be allowed in shared public spaces within campgrounds (i.e. kitchen shelters, washrooms, trails, roads or anywhere else outside a person's campsite).
  • Trails: cannabis consumption is not permitted on trails.
  • Playgrounds: cannabis consumption is not permitted near playgrounds.
  • Parks Canada accommodations (oTENTiks, Yurt, micrOcube, Cairns Cabin): cannabis consumption is not permitted inside of Parks Canada accommodations.

Parks Canada is the country's largest tourism provider and we are committed to providing visitors with exceptional and meaningful experiences at our places. As a federal agency, Parks Canada is supporting the implementation of the Government of Canada’s initiative to legalize non-medical cannabis possession, sales, and consumption.

For more information about the regulation of cannabis at Parks Canada places, please visit https://www.pc.gc.ca/cannabis, or for information about cannabis legalization and regulation in Canada visit http://www.canada.ca/cannabis

Wasagaming campground