Avalanche terrain maps - Banff National Park

Mountain safety

Plain of Six Glaciers Trail

Aerial Relief Map of the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail, Banff National Park showing significant avalanche terrain. Spring Avalanche Conditions May and June. Wet snow alvalanches from high above can come down and cover the trail. Conditions are particularly dangerous on hot sunny days, or when it's raining.
Plain of Six Glaciers Trail, Banff National Park

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KNOW BEFORE YOU GO from November to April

  • Does your group have the skills, knowledge and training to travel in avalanche terrain?
  • Are you carrying transceivers, shovels and probes?
  • Can you self-rescue? Do you have a plan?
  • Do you know the emergency number?
  • Have you checked the current avalanche forecast and weather forecast ?
  • Have you checked out with someone?
  • Do you have any other route options?

Phone Numbers

Emergency Phone: 911

Satellite Phone: 403-762-4506

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