Explore the ocean floor

Fundy National Park

Put on your rubber boots or aqua socks and take a mystical stroll along the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. When the Bay of Fundy’s massive tides recede, they leave behind a vast intertidal zone – endless mudflats where a wide variety of sea creatures make their home.

Pick your way through fields of mud, sand and seaweed to discover barnacles, rock crabs, dog whelk sea snails, limpets, periwinkles and other crustaceans. The zone also serves as a buffet for flocks of tiny semi-palmated sandpipers and other shorebirds that stop to feast on the sea animals that the tides leave behind.

Wander on your own or join one of the beach walks led by park naturalists in spring, summer and fall. These experts can shed light on the thriving ecosystem at your feet and also help unravel the mystery of Fundy’s enormous tides, a result of the bay’s unique shape and the way water sloshes along its 250-kilometre length.

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