Rules and regulations

Kouchibouguac National Park

National Parks are unique places and therefore require unique rules and persons to enforce them.

Rules, regulations and guidelines

Important bulletins

Check park bulletins for current warnings, closures, and restrictions before your visit.

Visitor guidelines

Our protected areas are unique places and require unique rules to protect them.


All Parks Canada places are “no drone zones” for recreational use.

You and your pets

Rules and tips to ensure the safety of your pets, our visitors and the park's wildlife.

Motorized watercrafts

Regulations for boat users on the park's waterways.

About our wardens

Role of park wardens, how to report illegal activities.

Laws are designed to protect you, the visitor, and also the Park for enjoyment by future generations. It is your responsibility to be aware of the laws. If you have any questions please contact Kouchibouguac's Visitor Information Centre.

Park Wardens are Federal Peace Officers responsible for the protection of the National Park, and preservation and maintenance of public peace. Their primary responsibility is enforcement of the Canada National Parks Act, however, they also enforce Criminal Code, liquor and highway regulations among others.

Breaking the law in a National Park can result in eviction, a ticket or in more serious instances, arrest. Canadian National Park offences can carry heavy fines and could result in jail time or restitution. For some offences, such as poaching or pollution, fines can be in excess of $250,000. View a complete listing of the Canada National Parks Act.

All Canada National Parks Act offences result in automatic court appearances.

Please report any activity such as fishing offences, vehicle off-roading, littering or polluting, removal of artefacts, damage to plants, poaching, feeding and harassment of animals and public liquor use.

Call the 24-hour toll-free dispatch number:

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