Gros Morne National Park

Public/Commercial Snowmobile Permit

Public/Commercial Snowmobile Permit information for Gros Morne National Park.

Local Community Resident Snowmobile Operator's Permit

Local Community Resident Snowmobile Operator's Permit

Snowmobiling Safety

Snowmobiling Safety in Gros Morne National Park

Snowmobile Management

Managing Snowmobiling in Gros Morne National Park

Ever hear about the National Snowmobilers Keeping Nature Beautiful Code? Let Stu tell you all about it in Gros Morne National Park!

Parks Canada Presents: Snowmobiling in Gros Morne National Park; Responsible Riding and YOU!

Transcript p class="wet-boew-vd">Title: Parks Canada Presents: Snowmobiling in Gros Morne National Park: Responsible Riding and YOU!

In Cooperation With: Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations, Newfoundland & Labrador Snowmobile Federation

Stu Exits Shop

This is Stu. Stu is a Snowmobiler

Spinning Graphic of Gros Morne National Park Post-card. Stu fiddles with his machine.

And today, he plans on enjoying the natural beauty of Newfoundland and Labrador's Gros Morne National Park. Great Idea Stu!

Snowmobiling in the National Park is a great priviledge and bears a real responsibility

Stu continues checking machine. "Don't Forget!" Appears on Screen

There are a few things Stu needs to know before heading out in Gros Morne's wilderness.

Parks Canada entry pass and Snowmobile Permit appear on screen. Stu shows his papers and then goes back to work.

Stu needs to carry a Public/Commercial and a National Park Entry Pass with him at all times. Have you got these Stu?

Stu Works on his Machine. Text: Snowmobilers Keeping Nature Beautiful Code

As an avid snowmobiler Stu always adheres to the conditions of his Parks Canada Permit. But also to the Snowmobilers Keeping Nature Beautiful Code

Why don't you tell us about the code Stu?

Map of Snowmobile Corridors appears

The code says Stay in the Corridors. For the health of Gros Morne's wildlife, vegetation, and terrain, For now and in the future, it is essential that riders stay in the designated corridors.

Two Snowmobile riders travel along corridor

Engaging in unsafe driving like highmarking and hammerheading Especially in the valleys

Image of simulated avalanche followed by simulated Arctic Hare.

Can trigger avalanches and disturb sensitive areas like Artic Hare habitat

Shot of two male Snowmobilers looking at camera. Text: Respect Sensitive Areas. Protect Wildlife!

And what does the Snowmobilers Keeping Nature Beautiful Code say about that?

Respect sensitive areas and protect wildlife.

Shot of simulated moose.

If you happen upon wildlife, be sure to give them ample space

Shot of two female riders with simulated binoculars

Use binoculars to get an up close view.

Shot of two female riders checking oil on machine. Text: Always remember to wear your snowmobile helmet when riding!

And what does the Snowmobilers Code say you should do before you start your ride?

Close up of female riders looking at camera. Text: Maintain your sled. Keep it Quiet!

That's right! Maintain your sled, and keep it quiet.

Shot of female rider walking from behind trailer with mock souped-up tailpipe.

Don't use machines in the park that are souped up with after-market parts.

Shot of two male snowmobiler riders littering. Text: Leave Tracks, Not Trash!

Whoa fellas! What does the Snowmobilers code say about littering? Leave tracks, not trash! Snowmobilers ride the park corridors for their natural beauty. So make sure you leave nature as you found it.

Shot of Stu dozing on snowmobile. Awakened by narrator. Text: Respect the Code! Adhere to Your Permit! Be an Ambassador!

Got all that Stu? You see, by respecting your Snowmobilers Keeping Nature Beautiful Code You'll also adhere to the conditions of your Parks Canada Permit for Public/Commercial Snowmobile Operators And remember, when you're riding your snowmobile, you're an ambassadors for all the other snowmobilers who come after you And don't forget to buckle up that chin strap. So ride safely, and ride responsibly. Thanks Stu

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All snowmobile operators in Gros Morne National Park are required to have on them at all times a Snowmobile Operator's Permit and a valid Park Pass. The only permitted type of snowmobile that can be operated in Gros Morne National Park is that with 2 skis and one track. Please see conditions of permit for details.

If you are planning on operating a snowmobile in Gros Morne National Park and live in any of the following communities you will need a Local Community Resident Snowmobile Operator’s Permit: Cow Head, St. Pauls, Sally’s Cove, Rocky Harbour, Norris Point, Glenburnie–Birchy Head–Shoal Brook, Woody Point, or Trout River.


If you are planning on operating a snowmobile in Gros Morne National Park and reside elsewhere, either in Newfoundland and Labrador or outside the province you require a Public/Commercial Snowmobile Operator’s Permit.

Snowmobiling Safety

Your safety depends on you. Whether snowmobiling in the front or back country in Gros Morne National Park, snowmobilers need to know the risks. The terrain can be challenging, the snow deep, weather conditions can change suddenly, and there is limited cell phone coverage. Gros Morne’s backcountry is not a part of the provincial groomed trail system. There is a lot that can happen out there. That is why you need to be completely self-reliant. Check out Adventure Smart for the best ways to plan and prepare for your trip. The Newfoundland and Labrador Snowmobile Federation also offers helpful safety advice on the NLSF website.

In case of emergency call the Parks Canada Emergency Dispatch at: 1-877-852-3100

Avalanche Information

South West Gulch (Tablelands) 
The Bowl (Tablelands)
Long Range Mountains

Managing Snowmobiling in a National Park

On behalf of all Canadians Parks Canada manages Gros Morne in a way that strikes a balance between the needs of park users and the health of the park and its wildlife.

Parks Canada, in collaboration with interested stakeholders have developed guidelines for managing snowmobiling in the park. Park staff continue to collaborate with local residents and other stakeholders through initiatives like the Snowmobile Advisory Committee in the management of snowmobiling in Gros Morne.

There are still three main goals they strive to help us achieve:

  • To protect the environment, including the sensitive wildlife, of the park.
  • To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for snowmobilers.
  • To provide opportunities for non-motorized users, including skier and snowshoers, to also experience the beauty and solitude of Gros Morne.


    By following the conditions of your snowmobile permit, you are helping to ensure that the wonders of Gros Morne are protected into the future.

    Gros Morne National Park Thanks You!

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