Green Gardens Trail

Gros Morne National Park

Green Gardens is a great place to discover some of the contrasting landscapes of Gros Morne National Park. The trail begins on the open serpentine barrens of the Tablelands and descends through boreal forest to a fertile volcanic sea coast. The coast is a wonderful array of sea stacks, coves, and beaches topped off with lush cliff-top meadows. One can easily spend many hours exploring along the shore, admiring the abundance of wildflowers in the area, or just lazing on the meadows staring out to sea. Green Gardens was long used by residents of Trout River as summer range for their livestock, and sheep are still seen there today.

Since 2017, the section of the Green Gardens Trail from Steve's Cove to Wallace Brook is closed permanently and the entire Wallace Brook trail is closed. Hikers are not to venture to these sections and former trails. The decision was made in the interest of visitor safety. The open section of the Green Gardens trail offers a 9 km return hike to the spectacular Green Gardens coast. The trail continues to provide hikers with access to the beach, sea stacks, sea cave, and a primitive campsite. All the features that this trail is noted for.

Trail Notes

  • The Green Gardens trailhead is along route 431, just 13 km from Woody Point (3 km from Trout River).
  • The trail is 4.5 km to coast at Old Man Cove. Follow the trail north along the headlands and through a series of coastal meadows to Steve's Cove and the end of the trail. From the top of the cliffs you will be rewarded with great views of seastacks and Gros Morne’s southern coastline.
  • Return by the same route that will be uphill most of the way and is steep in places.


  • Stay on the trail. Avoid walking close to the cliff edges at the coast as some parts are undercut.
  • When walking along the shore
    • Watch for falling rocks near cliffs.
    • Take cautions as rocks can be slippery.
    • Watch for rising tides.

Primitive Camping

There are primitive campsites at Old Man Cove. Camping permit required. Please register with park staff.


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