Torngat Mountains National Park

Visitors to the park have the opportunity to experience this breath-taking landscape together with Inuit. Excursions into the park by air, by sea or on foot deepen visitors’ understanding of the connections between the majestic wild nature of this special place and the enduring cultural traditions of its people.

Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station offers visitors daily excursions from base camp into the park and the surrounding landscape. Parks Canada staff provide interpretive programming on all trips in the park, and with logistical support from Torngat Mountains Base Camp, we are able to offer visitors a wide range of experiences. Here you will find descriptions of some of the day trips many visitors will have an opportunity to experience.

The Inuit Story

The remote and wild landscape of Torngat Mountains National Park is an Inuit homeland. Inuit have thrived here for centuries, travelling and hunting with their families along the shores of the Labrador Sea. Today, as evidenced by the mythology of Inuit and a deep sense of spirituality, the relationships between the land, animals, and Inuit still hold strong. The park offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the deep connections between a place and its people. 

The Spirits of Sallikuluk (Rose Island)

Picnic, Hike, and Swim at Silluak (North Arm)

Tea at the Old Village in Ramah


Perspectives of the Land

Amid the towering mountains and wide valleys of Torngat Mountains National Park, polar bears and caribou roam beside deep fjords as icebergs and glaciers brush against some of the earth’s oldest rocks. The spectacular wilderness of this park is home to a wide array of arctic flora and fauna, inspiring local Inuit and researchers to work together to learn from the land. Experience the rich stories of the natural world in this special place and discover the wonders of healthy, thriving Arctic ecosystems.

Bears and Bergs by Boat

“Micro” Torngats - Plants and Insects Hike

Some of the Oldest Rocks in the World


Walk in the Footsteps of Inuit Ancestors

The spectacular landscape of Torngat Mountains National Park holds centuries of Inuit cultural history in its fjords, valleys, and mountains. A variety of hiking experiences give visitors of every skill level opportunities to explore this special landscape and discover its hidden histories in the company of Inuit: light interpretive day hikes foster a deeper connection to the region; and multi-day backpacking excursions follow ancient paths marked by inukshuks.

I Am From PitukKik: a Nakvak Brook Journey

Multi-Day Backcountry Adventure




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