Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site

The warm dark waters in Kejimkujik’s lakes and rivers offer a variety of swimming experiences. Ask at the Visitor Centre about the best swimming spots.

Map of beaches and day-use areas

Jeremy's Bay Campground services and facilities.

Unsupervised beaches

All beaches at Kejimkujik are unsupervised.

Enjoy beautiful sandy beaches in the campground and at Merrymakedge beach on the shores of Kejimkujik Lake.

Meadow Beach, Slapfoot Beach, and Kedge Beach offer excellent swimming. They are close to the campsites, connected by the Slapfoot Trail, and have beautiful views of Kejimkujik Lake.


Pets are welcome at the pet-friendly area at Merrymakedge Beach.

Pets are not allowed on all other public beaches.

Swimming Safety

Never dive as rocks may be completely hidden in the dark water.

Never swim alone.

Swimming at Kejimkujik Seaside

Swimming at Kejimkujik Seaside is not recommended due to dangerous currents, strong undertows and cold water temperatures.

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