Camping & hiking

Aulavik National Park

Chart your own route through more than 12,000 square kilometres of gently rolling Arctic tundra. The park has no designated trails, offering an unexplored paradise for intrepid hikers.

Access to the park is fly-in only and most visitors pair short hikes with a multi-week canoe or kayak expedition along the Thomsen River.

The lush river corridor promises the best wildlife viewing, as well as access to millennia-old archaeological sites.

Hikers may be fortunate enough to see muskoxen (from a safe distance, of course). Other Arctic wildlife, from hares to wolves, is abundant in the park, as well as dozens of bird species, from rough-legged hawks to majestic snowy owls. Along the coast, it’s possible to see seals and, less frequently, beluga whales and even polar bears.

Ancient historical sites complement natural attractions. Explore millennia-old meat caches and muskoxen skulls at Baker Hill, Nasogaluak and Head Hill, as well as locations near the confluence of the Thomsen and Muskox Rivers.

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