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Auyuittuq National Park

You must purchase the proper topographic maps before arriving. Route planning is easiest with 1:250,000 maps but you should navigate with the appropriate 1:50,000 maps.

Detailed maps of the Akshayuk Pass are available for purchase at the park office and from the manufacturer, Chrismar.

If you plan to travel in areas other than the Akshayuk Pass, you will need to purchase the appropriate maps before arriving in Nunavut. The appropriate 1:250,000 maps for the Auyuittuq region are: 26-I, 27-A, 26-O, 26-P, 26-J. Maps that you receive are up-to-date only to the year indicated on the map. Care must be taken when using topographic maps to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Please note: Flooding occurred in 2008 that washed out the Windy Lake Bridge as shown on the Chrismar map. This only affects which side of the river to hike on and doesn’t change the difficulty of your trip.

Auyuittuq lies within the area of compass unreliability. GPS receivers are your best bet for navigation. Keep in mind that you should keep batteries warm and even the best unit can fail. Bring a backup unit, extra batteries and the right maps. Arctic weather is very changeable; you may be required to navigate in white-out conditions at any time of year.


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