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Georgian Bay Islands National Park

Beausoleil Island Trails

Map of Beausoleil Island
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All park trails are found on Beausoleil Island. The Park offers many hiking trails ranging from short easy strolls to more demanding hikes. All trails allow visitors to enjoy the scenic beauty of the park and provide opportunities to view park wildlife.

Northern Beausoleil trails showcase the beauty of the Canadian Shield. This area's characteristic bedrock and wetland environment is rich in species diversity and is a major breeding area for amphibians, turtles and snakes.

The trails in Southern Beausoleil pass through a rich mosaic of forest communities. This area's mixed forest is a good representation of the West St. Lawrence Lowlands natural region.

Make sure to have sturdy footwear, drinking water and bug spray to enjoy your hike. 

Northern Trails
(1.5 km)
Catch views of bay inlets from this rocky trail. Connect to the northern portion of Georgian Trail to view the historic Brebeuf Lighthouse.
(2.5 km)
This mossy trail is one of our more challenging hikes but worth the view of Long Bay.
(0.3 km)
This historic passage is the narrowest point on the island and highlights one of the most pristine wetlands in the Great Lakes.
(2.0 km)
Names for the resident species of Rattlesnake, this rocky trail offers great views of the Eastern shoreline – and the occasional snake!
(2.5 km)
The must-hike loop trail of the island. Learn the story of Fairy Lake and take time to reflect next to the water.
(2.0 km)
An excellent extension to the Fairy Trail, taking you down along Little Dog Channel, and through the pine forest.
Southern Trails
(6.9 km)
Walk through the beautiful beech-maple forest in the south, alongside a glacial drumlin and through a hemlock stand in the North end. Bicycles permitted.
(7.1 km)
Feel the west wind in your hair as you explore the island's "other side". Bicycles permitted, advanced cyclists only.
(1.5 km)
Watch for signs of deer and bears as you explore this inner island trail. Bicycles permitted.
Heritage Loop
(0.6 km)
This short, interpretive trail showcases park history while taking you past the Cemetery of the Oak.
(1.5 km)
Take in views of Georgian Bay along this trail and peer into the forest canopy from a unique viewing platform.
(3.8 km)
A more challenging hike on a narrow trail from Cedar Spring up to Tonch Point.

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