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Pukaskwa National Park

Transform your classroom learning activities into a unique experience in Pukaskwa National Park: the perfect destination to book your next school trip. Join a Parks Canada interpreter and watch the Ontario school curriculum come to life!

The “out-of-doors” classroom is a great place to form lasting friendships with nature and connect with your sense of adventure. Experiential learning programs at the park allow your students to explore the wonders of nature, gain knowledge of the Anishinaabe and understand the role of Canada’s national parks in conserving our natural and cultural heritage.

Guided programs are available in June and September 2022

School Program fees fall under our Heritage Presentation Special Programs.

For more information contact the Interpretation Officer/Coordinator


  • Wild, LIFE! (Grades K- 2)

    It’s wild. It’s life. It’s everywhere! All you have to do is stop, look, listen and the whole wild world will start to open up around you! Through exploration, imaginary play and storytelling, you will discover that wildlife is not so different from you and me.

    Ontario Curriculum Links:

    • Needs and Characteristics of Living Things 
    • Growth and Changes in Animals

    Length: 1 Hour

  • New Beginnings: A fire story (Grades 3-6)

    Discover how fire keeps the boreal forest happy and healthy! Take a walk through the Hattie Cove Fire Walk Trail to see, hear, smell, and touch the beginning stages of life after fire. Find out what it takes to be part of the Parks Canada fire crew through demonstrations and hands-on participation.

    Ontario Curriculum Links:

    This program has links to the entire Ontario science and technology curriculum:

    • Soils in the Environment
    • Growth and Changes in Plants 
    • Habitats and Communities 
    • Properties and Changes in Matter 
    • Biodiversity

    Length: 1 hour

  • Guided Hike (All ages)

    Curious about what you’ll find along one of our front-country hikes? Book an interpreter to join you and share their experience with your class as you explore the trails!

    Length: 1 hour - Cost

School groups are also welcome to visit for independent hikes and day use activities. Admission to Parks Canada places for youth 17 and under is free! And a group day pass will cover up to 7 adults per school bus.

Xplorer booklets

Xplorer Booklets are free, and a great way to add activities to an unguided school visit. If you would like to bring your class on an Xplorers day, please contact an interpreter before your trip to arrange for booklet pickup and souvenir rewards.

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