Best times to visit

Prince Edward Island National Park

We want to ensure that your time with us in PEI National Park is both safe and enjoyable. Since there are a limited number of facilities, we recommend that you plan ahead.

When is PEI National Park busiest?

PEI National Park, Green Gables Heritage Place and national historic sites in PEI are busiest during the peak season of July and August.

These holidays and weekends are especially busy:

Avoid Peak Hours

During the summer, the days are busiest between 11:00am and 3:00pm. If you want to avoid large crowds, your best bet is to come before or after those hours. If you do come on a busy day, please be patient – we will do our very best to manage all of the excitement on site!

Consider planning your visit in the shoulder season. June and September are often excellent times to visit, especially if you like a quieter atmosphere.

Park Entrances and Parking

In some areas of PEI National Park and at Green Gables Heritage Place, we anticipate an increase in visitors which may result in limited parking availability.

You can avoid parking woes this season with PEI Now, our online parking tool. Go to to see current parking conditions.

When parking lots are full, please remember:

  • No illegal parking
  • Do not wait for spots to open. Instead, move on and try again later
  • Never park on vegetation or in a manner that blocks traffic
  • Leave enough room for emergency vehicles to move easily
  • Leave enough room for RVs and buses to maneuver
  • Parking for oversize vehicles (RVs, trailers), is extremely limited. Leave oversized vehicles in town, or in the visitor center parking lot, if possible
  • Follow instructions from park staff and traffic flaggers
  • If visitor safety risks are presented, vehicles will be towed

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