Visitor safety and regulations

Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

In the Mingan Archipelago, hiking along the shoreline is a good way to explore wonderful landscapes, but this activity also poses some serious risks:

    Falling rocks 

    Falling rocks are a hazard near the cliffs. When possible, keep a safe distance, avoid walking beneath overhanging rocks and do not stop next to the base of cliffs. Hike around low tide to be able to stay away from the cliffs. Even with these precautions, be aware that falling rocks may sometimes be unavoidable and dangerous.

    Some areas along the shoreline may present difficult walking conditions and may cause you to fall. Please proceed with caution!

    slippery conditions

    At low tide, water and seaweed on the rocks create slippery conditions.
    Hiking along the shoreline can be difficult at high tide: in some places, water may block the trail.

    Climbing is prohibited

    Climbing on the monoliths is dangerous and prohibited.

Enjoy your visit!

In case of emergency: 1-888-762-1422


So that visitors can continue to experience unforgettable moments in the National Parks of Canada, the following regulations are in effect. These aim both to protect those special places that constitute our national heritage, and to ensure you a safe and memorable stay.

Be smart…visit smart

    Climbing is prohibited

    Climbing or walking on the monoliths or any other form of climbing anywhere else on Park territory is prohibited.

    No removing of any natural element

    Damaging, injuring, mutilating or removing any natural element (wildlife, plant, fossil, rock, etc.) is prohibited.

    Feeding wild animals is prohibited

    Hunting, disturbing, approaching or feeding wild animals is prohibited.

    No littering

    Leaving garbage on the islands is prohibited. You must bring back all garbage at the end of your stay.

    Fireplace symbol

    In the pinic areas and campsites, fires must only be lit in the fireplaces, using the wood provided for this purpose. On beaches, fires are only allowed within the area covered by the high tide, using driftwood.

    No pets

    Domestic pets are not allowed on the islands.

    Camping symbol

    A camping permit is required. Camping is only authorized in areas designated by the permit.

    No sleeping in a park service building

    Using a park service building as sleeping quarters is prohibited.

    No firearms

    Possession of firearms is prohibited.

(Disregarding these regulations can result in legal proceedings)

Nesting Season

In order to ensure successful reproduction of a number of seabird species, the following locations are closed to all traffic from May 1 to August 31:

Petite île Sainte-Geneviève
Île à Mouton
Île Innu
Île à Calculot des Betchouanes
Île Herbée
Caye à Foin
Île aux Goélands
Île à Calculot
Île du Fantôme (west coast cliffs)
Cayes à Meck
Caye à Cochons
Île à Bouleaux du Large (west coast cliffs)
l'île Nue (except seashore and camping areas)

On behalf of future generations, Parks Canada would like to thank you for helping to ensure the ecological integrity of the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

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