Horseback riding

Grasslands National Park

Explore the timeless beauty of Grasslands National Park by horseback. Horseback riding is a traditional form of recreation and is considered one of the best ways to enjoy the rustic nature of this prairie landscape. From pre-contact times to present-day ranching, horses have been an integral part of the land. Used here for centuries first by the Indigenous for hunting and trading purposes and then later on by the larger ranches such as the "76", Turkey Track and T Bar Down ranches. Discover cultural artifacts such as remnant tipi rings, diamond willow corrals and abandoned homesteads.

If you have your own horse, feel free to explore Grasslands National Park at your own convenience. The park is open year round.

If you do not have your own horse and equipment, contact a local outfitter in the area for your choice of riding experience.

Information for horse users:

Horses, while hobbled, tethered or corralled may graze in the park. Avoid grazing Crested Wheatgrass after May 31st to avoid the spread of this non-native plant species.

  • Dispose of horse manure at on-site receptacles.
  • Bagged cubes, pellets and rolled or steamed oats are the preferred feed.
  • Please respect private landowners around the park and remain on park owned lands.
  • Caution! Extreme dry conditions and horseshoes can be a bad combination. Sparks may result from a horse clipping a rock with their shoes.
  • Watch where you ride. Many prairie species, including rattlesnakes, are well camouflaged.
  • Water tank and troughs at the equestrian camping areas are not available when overnight temperatures are below 0°C.
  • Visit the hiking pages for more information on trails.

Equestrian Camping

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