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Grasslands National Park

Grasslands National Park is an ideal destination for adventurous travellers looking to unwind far from city lights and learn about the Mixed Grass Prairies, home to many species and rich landscapes.

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All visitors must be prepared to be on their own in the park from October to May.


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Planning ahead

Here are some things you should know before planning a trip to Grasslands National Park.

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Grasslands National Park is divided into two blocks - East and West. Each Block is accessed through different communities, with a wide variety of services.

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PO Box 150
Val Marie SK
S0N 2T0




Grasslands National Park is located in southern Saskatchewan, near the Canada/United States border. The province is accessible by scheduled airline services that connect with most major centers in North America and northern Europe, as well as by road in the United States.


Regina, Saskatoon and Calgary all have international airports that are serviced by major national and international carriers. Major car rental agencies operate out of the Saskatoon International airport.


West Block:

a) Ecotour Road: From the Visitor Centre, travel east on Hwy #18 for approximately 14.5 km, turn south and follow this gravel road for about 4 km. Watch for the park signs and the beaver symbol. Once inside the West Block, watch for pull-offs and interpretive panels for the Ecotour Scenic Drive. This is the main road through the West Block and is gravel.
b) 70 Mile Butte Access: From the Visitor Reception Centre, travel south on Hwy#4 for approximately 5km, turn east and follow this gravel road for about 5km.
c) Two Trees Access: From the Visitor Reception Centre, travel south on Hwy #4 for approximately 8km. Watch for the park signs and the beaver symbol. Continue straight onto the gravel road for approximately 2km. Turn East and continue to the Two Trees.

East Block:

Travel south of Wood Mountain Regional Park on Highway #18 for 22.4 km, watch for Grasslands National Park signs, turn west onto gravel road for 6.4 km, turn south for 6.4 km, then turn west for 2.4 km. Watch for Rock Creek Campground signs at each turn. Rock Creek Visitor Centre is located in Rock Creek Campground. 


Plains bison in September, in Grasslands National Park.

Safety and guidelines

Grasslands National Park is a prairie wilderness environment with few services. Be prepared!

Two children running up a hill, with their parents following, with the landscape of the West Block of Grasslands National Park in the backround.

Planning ahead

Here are some things you should know before planning a trip to Grasslands National Park

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