Discover Manitoba's North

Best known as the polar bear capital of the world, Manitoba’s north is a bucket-list destination. This remote area is popular for once-in-a-lifetime wildlife viewing opportunities. But take a closer look and you’ll discover plenty of culture and history. The area has deep roots in the 18th century fur trade, with many artifacts preserved for visitors to view. Visitors can explore one of the Hudson’s Bay Company’s largest fur trade depots, or roam the massive stone outpost that defended the mouth of the river. While exploring, take one of the area’s scenic hikes for panoramic views of the Hudson Bay and spot belugas if you're lucky. This region is sure to fascinate wildlife enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike.

Starting your adventure

Maximize your experience in Manitoba’s north by starting your trip with insider tips. When you arrive at the historic Churchill Railway Station, be sure to visit the Parks Canada Visitor Centre located in the train station. View exhibits that provide information about the culture and nature in the region. If you prefer a more personalized experience, our team can provide presentations tailored to your interests.

Our knowledgeable and passionate staff look forward to welcoming you and helping you get the most of your trip. We're happy to answer questions about how to get to your hotel, where to eat, or what tours are available. As locals who love the area, our team is here to ensure you have a memorable and safe trip.

Things to do

Aerial view of Prince of Wales Fort and coastline.
Prince of Wales Fort

Prince of Wales Fort

This astonishing fort was built 250 years ago on the bare, windswept coast of the Hudson Bay. To visit, take a boat across the Churchill River and get a sense of the life of an 18th-century fur trader through a Parks Canada guided tour. When travelling to the fort, be sure to be on the look out for belugas whales – more than 3,000 whales gather in the Churchill River in July and August.

Learn more about our guided tours at Prince of Wales Fort.

Hikers walking on the rugged landscape on the Sloop Cove.
Sloop Cove

Sloop Cove Hike

Make an easy 3.2 kilometre hike across the tundra ablaze with wildflowers. Spot beluga whales from the beach, find fossils that are hundreds of millions of years old and drop in at archaeological sites to gain a sense of the rich history of the people who forged an existence here.

For more information and to book your tour, visit our Sloop Cove hike tour page.

Parks Canada red chairs overlooking the grounds of Cape Merry Battery.
Cape Merry Battery

Cape Merry Battery

Accessible by road from the town of Churchill, Cape Merry is a scenic point for wildlife and the stunning views of the Churchill River, Hudson Bay and Prince of Wales Fort. Book a guided tour and learn about the significance of the cape’s ecology and the stories of how Hudson’s Bay Company once operated here.

For more information and to book your tour, visit our Cape Merry tours page.

A sunset over the York Factory depot.
York Factory

York Factory

Sitting along the Hayes River is York Factory, a base for expansion of the fur trade into Western Canada for over 270 years. With a wealth of 18th century relics like clay pipe stems, axe-heads, and rusty cannon balls—York Factory is a surreal step back in time to a previous chapter in Canadian history.

Learn more about York Factory National Historic Site.

A polar bear mother laying in snow with its young cub at Wapusk National Park.
Wapusk National Park

Wapusk National Park

Named after the Cree word for “white bear”, this remote park is home to one of the world’s largest female polar bear maternity denning areas. The ecosystem and diverse animal population make Wapusk an important natural laboratory for scientific research from across the world.

Protecting over 11,475 square kilometers, the park plays a vital role in maintaining the ecological integrity of the region. As a result, the park is largely undisturbed and undeveloped making it limited to leisure activities. The best opportunities to explore the park are through aerial tours offered by our partners.

Learn more about Wapusk National Park and the wildlife that call it home.

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