How much does an unforgettable moment cost? Less than you might think.

Parks Canada manages an extensive world-class system of protected natural and cultural heritage areas where Canadians, and people from around the globe, can experience the best Canada has to offer. All of these places provide visitors high-quality experiences while contributing significantly to local economies.

To maintain its operations, Parks Canada relies largely on government appropriations and supplements its budget with revenues from user fees. Government appropriations are used primarily to protect cultural and natural heritage in Canada for the benefit of all Canadians. Revenues generated by fees partially recover the costs required to provide those products and services, for which users receive a personal benefit.

These fees are set so that Parks Canada can provide amazing experiences and great value to visitors, and continue to make important contributions to tourism across the country.

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Free entry for support persons

Parks Canada offers free admission and access to programs for support persons travelling with a visitor who has a disability and depends on the support person to travel and experience a Parks Canada destination.

Support people may be family members, friends or aides from an external organization.

Many people with disabilities are independent and may make use of assistance from travelling companions but are not dependent upon it, in which case regular fees are applied.

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