Waterton Lakes National Park


A snapshot of the history of Waterton Lakes National Park.

Designation information

Together with Glacier National Park in the United States, Waterton Lakes National Park is an international peace park.

National historic sites

Waterton Lakes National Park has two national historic sites located within its boundaries

Photos and videos

A collection of photos and videos of Waterton Lakes National Park.


On May 30, 1895, a 140 sq. km (54 sq. miles) area was protected by the federal government as a Dominion Forest Park. Its status, boundary and name have varied over the years, and it is now known as Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada. Waterton was Canada's 4th national park and is the smallest in the Canadian Rockies 505 (195 sq. miles).

Special programs

Parks Canada's team of interpreters in Waterton Lakes National Park offers a wide variety of visitor programming, including guided hikes, family activities and theatre programs.

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