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The Forks National Historic Site

Programming at The Forks is over for the season, but the site remains open for visitors to enjoy. The Forks will open for the 2024 season on May 21.

The Forks is a busy site nestled in the centre of downtown Winnipeg at the meeting place of the Red and Assiniboine rivers! Come sunshine or snow, there’s always something to enjoy—from taking a historic tour or skating the frozen river trails.


One Heart, Two Rivers, Four Directions

Join us for One Heart, Two Rivers, Four Directions, a tour exploring Indigenous connections to The Forks.

Red chairs

Have your red chair moment at The Forks.

School programs

Learning experiences at The Forks National Historic Site.

Calendar of events

From special activities to memorable experiences, check out what’s happening at The Forks!

One Heart, Two Rivers, Four Directions walking tour

Learn more about Indigenous history at The Forks through the One Heart, Two Rivers, Four Directions walking tour.

Where Our Stories Meet

Take our new guided tour at The Forks as we cover the history of First Nations, settlers and Métis Nation in Manitoba.

Unpacking the past

Learn about the history of The Forks through stories, games and other fun during this interactive tour.

School programs

Bring your early, middle or senior years class for a fun day of tours and activities at The Forks while meeting curriculum requirements.

Children's activities

The Forks is a hub of activities for kids! Come for crafts, dancing, games and for the playground and water park.

Red chairs

Join Parks Canada visitors across the country and have your Red Chair moment at The Forks.


If you want to work with the public and help with programming at The Forks, there’s a volunteer position for you!

Things to do

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