Nautical Charts

Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site

The Navigation Safety Regulations (2020) require boaters to carry the most recent editions of charts, publications and documents published for your area of operation. These items may not be necessary if the person in charge of navigation has enough knowledge of shipping routes, lights, buoys and marks, navigational hazards, as well as normal navigational conditions and weather patterns to ensure safe navigation.

Most charts are marked with latitude and longitude coordinates based on horizontal datum NAD83, however some charts may be based on NAD27 (remember to adjust your GPS unit accordingly).

Where to purchase charts

Find dealer or purchase nautical charts and navigational products from the Canadian Hydrographic Service
At lockstations:
Charts may be purchased at the following Parks Canada lockstations during hours of operation:
  • Lock #1 Trenton
  • Lock #18 Hastings
  • Lock #19 Scott Mills
  • Lock# 36 Kirkfield Lift Lock
  • Lock #41 Gamebridge
  • Lock #45 Port Severn
  • Parks Canada building (Peterborough)
By mail:
Nautical charts, guides and other publications can be requested by mail or by phone

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