Activities and experiences

Lachine Canal National Historic Site

The Lachine Canal, a scenic urban park, welcomes millions of visitors on foot, by bicycle or aboard boats every year. Discover this beautiful site in the heart of Montreal. Whether it's to admire the views, to relax, or to indulge in sports activities, you'll experience a moment to remember!

Parks Canada would like to remind users of the importance of staying on the path and at all times avoid approaching footbridges and locks; there is a real risk of falling.

Learn-to Adventure Activities

List of Learn-to Adventure activities.

Group of boats in lockage process

Lockage and navigation

Information on navigation and lockage: routes, night mooring and much more.

Parks, locks and attractions

Services and points of interest.

Other activities

Calendar of events

Schedule of events and interpretive programs.

Lockage and navigation

Maps, suggested routes and rates when planning your visit.

Paddle Sports

Information, safety and seasonal boat stickers.

Urban Fishing

Fish species, security and more.

Learn-to Outdoor activities

Experience the outdoors on the Lachine Canal's banks.

Path and parks

Parks and trails along the Lachine Canal. Come and observe the industrial heritage of the canal.

Red chairs

Where to find the red chairs at the Lachine Canal.

Hangar 1825 public art

Artwork of Ankhone.

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