Winter Trail

Lachine Canal National Historic Site

A perfect trail to enjoy the city during winter.

Snowshoeing, on foot, by bike... get outside for a breath of fresh air and enjoy the best of winter!

Winter sports are at the forefront at the Lachine Canal; Parks Canada is proud to offer a winter trail along the waterway.

A 15-km winter trail extending from the Lock No 5 to the Old Port of Montréal enables young and old to enjoy winter's pleasures in the enchanting setting of the Lachine Canal. In addition, this year the Sud-Ouest Borough will be clearing a 2.3 km section of the path on the north side of the canal, between the Atwater Bridge and de la Commune Street.

Parks Canada would like to remind users of the importance of staying on the path and at all times avoid approaching footbridges and locks; there is a real risk of falling.

Lachine Canal Winter Trail Map

To view the access points, services and the route, take a look at the digital map of the winter trail.


Trail etiquette

The Lachine Canal Winter Trail, an ideal place to run, walk and snowshoe all winter long

Thank you for respecting our trail and keeping it safe so that everyone can fully enjoy it.

  • Check the weather conditions before departing
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times
  • Pack out all your garbage
  • Keep a safe distance from the maintenance vehicule and other users

Winter trail grooming and maintenance

Parks Canada has a groomer and a rotating icebreaker (called the “ice crusher”), two vehicles that make it possible to maintain the banks of the canal in winter while limiting the impact on the historic site’s infrastructure.

Read the blog post Winter fun on the canal: ensuring safety while respecting the environment, to learn more about the maintenance of the Lachine Canal winter trail.

Grooming frequency

 The trail is maintained after each snowfall, weather permitting. Regular grooming will ensure a stable and pleasant surface for walking and other winter activities.

If ice patches form, Parks Canada will use a rotating icebreaker, called the “ice crusher,” to break up the patches and will spread a biodegradable traction product to limit slippery areas. 

Start of season

Grooming will start as soon as weather conditions permit.

Needed conditions include:

  • Ground is frozen
  • Sufficient snow on the ground (*the required thickness varies depending on the terrain and type of snow
  • Favourable weather forecast
  • The snow is compacted until the base is in place (15 to 30 cm of packed snow, depending on the ground surface).

End of season

Winter trail is maintained until the end of March, or as weather and snow conditions permit.


If you are calling for assistance using a cell, call 911.

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