Guide tour: "The trading of furs"

The Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site

A history of encounters and adventures!

Experience the adventure of Indigenous trappers, French-Canadian voyageurs and European merchants in the era of the fur trade.

Visitors studying an electronical map describing the voyageurs continental expeditions

April to November

Duration: 60 minutes

  • Reservation needed
  • Adult groups only (15 to 40 people)
Visitors following the Parks Canada guide in the guided tour on the trading of furs

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Visitors laughing when trying felt hats

Guided tour for adult groups of the Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site, including:

  • a presentation of the fascinating fur trading chain
  • an introduction to the making of a felt hat
  • the discovery of fur trade-related objects: clothing, trade items, furs...

The great saga of the fur trade awaits you at the Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site, located at the very spot where the journey to the Canadian West began. In a former merchandise warehouse in Old Lachine, learn the story of the arduous canoe trip to the West and trade between Europeans and First Nations.

Group of visitors faking paddling behind a canoe model

Annick Guérin
Team leader, visitor’s experience
Phone: 514-283-2282 or 1-888-773-8888

Additional information

  1. Group of adults (15 to 40 people)
  2. Guided tour hosted by a Parks Canada interpretive guide
  3. The site is located on the shore of Lake Saint-Louis in the southwest of Montreal
  4. This old stone warehouse built in 1803 is the last witness to the golden age of the fur trade in the 19th century
  5. An outstanding natural landscape
Travel trade
Smiling visitors
  • Available in English and French
  • Suitable for small and large groups
  • Suitable for FIT (Fully Independent Travelers) but is also accessible to people with limited mobility
  • Reservation needed
  • Free parking
  • Washrooms on site
  • Space for buses
  • Gift shop
  • Picnic area and tables

See the fees.

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