Tours and programs

Fort Lennox National Historic Site

Take part in activities that will help you discover the site, such as a guided outdoor tour, Xplorers children's program, and more.

A situation beyond our control has forced us to temporarily suspend access to the fortification buildings.
From June 15, 2024, until further notice, Parks Canada staff accompanies visitors to Île aux Noix and offers a guided outdoor tour of the buildings and fortification. This 45-minute tour will be offered free of charge. Please note that it is not possible to picnic on the island. Picnic tables are available on the pier near the boarding dock.

Guided tours

Learn about the historical landscape, the geographic and strategic location of Île aux Noix, the forts that preceded the construction of Fort Lennox, and the specifics of the current fortification and its historic buildings by taking part in a free outdoor guided tour (including boat trip to the island).

Experienced Parks Canada guides will provide details on the components of the entire fortification, including the ramparts, drawbridge and ditch. 

A special section on the island's biodiversity and ecology is also available on request, a subject much appreciated by children and families.

Duration: 45 minutes. 

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