Tours and programs

Fort Lennox National Historic Site

Choose from guided or self-guided tours, a uniform demonstration or activities for families.

Guided tours

Learn about the historical landscape, the geographic and strategic location of Île aux Noix, the forts that preceded the construction of Fort Lennox, and the specifics of the current fortification and its historic buildings.

Duration: 45 minutes. Tour schedule is posted on site.

You may also take the tour on your own.

Xplorers program

The Xplorers workbook offers families fun and rewarding activities to complete on site. Be prepared to make some great discoveries by asking for the workbook from the Visitor Centre staff before crossing to Île aux Noix.

Uniform demonstration

Do you have what it takes to be a soldier? Volunteer to join the 24th British Infantry Regiment and learn about the different uniforms and military gear of the 19th century soldier stationed at Fort Lennox.

Schedule is posted on site.

Suggested tour

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Island crossing

Begin your visit by stopping by the Visitor Center where you can learn more about the exhibitions featured, facilities and services offered on site.

Afterwards, take a seat on the ferry that will take you to Île aux Noix for a 10-minute ride.

Guardhouse and officers’ quarters

Once you have crossed the drawbridge, which is no longer in use, admire the external stonework and the outstandingly beautiful fortifications, starting with the guardhouse (number 1 on the map) and the officers' quarters (number 2 on the map).

As you pass, interact with a guide who will take you on a tour of the prison behind the guardhouse and share with you the rich history of the Island and the fortification.

You can also take your walk independently.

Powder magazine

Stay cool and walk through the door of the powder magazine (number 3 on the map) to see this mythical space with thick stone walls where up to 1500 barrels of gunpowder were stored.

In this building built in 1820, north-west of the parade ground, no sparks are allowed, so all metal parts were made of copper to reduce the risk of explosion. Be sure to look up at the bombproof brick vault.

Soldiers’ barrack and quarters

Head to the barracks (number 4 on the map) to check out the new exhibit Passages, experiences of this island.

Then head upstairs to see the dormitory exhibit where soldiers and their families lived together.

Read more about the exhibits offered at Fort Lennox National Historic Site.

Sundial, quartermaster’s store and armory

Go back outside to the sundial (number 5 on the map), built in 1820 and consisting of a rod casting a shadow that changes with the time of day on a stone where the hours are engraved.

Approach the quartermaster’s store (number 6 on the map) and the armory (number 7 on the map) facing the barracks and old cannons. However, these buildings are closed to the public.

Island point

Cross another bridge and go to the southern tip of Star Island (number 8 on the map) to take a break in one of the red chairs or have a picnic on the grass.

Please note: Don't forget to bring a lunch and snacks as there is no food service available at Fort Lennox National Historic Site.

Exit and trails

End your visit by crossing the drawbridge again and head for the trails on the northern portion of Île aux Noix (number 9 on the map) or simply head for the dock to take the ferry back (number 10 on the map) and conclude your adventure.

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