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Fort Lennox National Historic Site

TheNational Historic Sites Policy ensures the commemorative integrity of national historic sites administered by Parks Canada and supports initiatives to protect and promote the sites.

Fort Lennox is one such site, a British fortification that has preserved its original structure. Learn about the major orientations that will guide its conservation through time.

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Visitor Information at Fort Lennox National Historic Site.

A situation beyond our control has forced us to temporarily suspend access to the fortification buildings.
From June 15, 2024, until further notice, Parks Canada staff accompanies visitors to Île aux Noix and offers a guided outdoor tour of the buildings and fortification. This 45-minute tour will be offered free of charge. Please note that it is not possible to picnic on the island. Picnic tables are available on the pier near the boarding dock.

Fort Lennox

Île-aux-Noix is located in the middle of the Richelieu River at only 12 kilometers from the U.S. border. Since 1759, it served as a bulwark against potential invaders from the south. In 1819, the military authorities order for the third time the reconstruction of the fort on the Island. The new defensive structure will be called Fort Lennox.

This British fortification has retained its original structure so there is no need for imagination - everything remains as it was. Take the ferry that connects the village of Saint-Paul-de-l'Île-aux-Noix with île-aux-Noix, and in five minutes, you're in the 19th century. Walk through Fort Lennox’s gates and follow in the footsteps of soldiers who ate at this canteen, who mounted guard on this bridge, slept in these officers' quarters, inspected the powder magazine and stood watch over Lower Canada from the top of its ramparts. Let your imagination take you back into history.

Major works

The Government of Canada is making the largest investment in infrastructures since Parks Canada was established to protect sites that we care for and ensure their sustainability. At Fort-Lennox National Historic Site, investments in visitor infrastructures will ensure the quality and reliability of activities and will allow visitors to enjoy our diverse history.

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