Park management planning

Banff National Park

Banff National Park Planning

Public involvement ensures that park plans reflect the perspectives of Canadians.

Lake Louise Drive Rehabilitation and Modernization

Various construction and upgrades to Lake Louise Drive will help to enhance the visitor experience through improved traffic flow, road conditions,...

Sunshine Village Ski Area Long Range Plan

We want to hear from you and all Canadians during the public review of the Sunshine Village Ski Area draft Long-Range Plan and Detailed Impact...

Ya Ha Tinda Ranch OECM Recognition

Parks Canada is undertaking a process to apply for Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measure (OECM) recognition for Ya Ha Tinda Ranch.

Plains bison reintroduction

Wild bison return to Canada’s first national park.

Bow Valley Parkway Cycling Experience 3-Year Pilot

Bow Valley Parkway Cycling Experience 3-Year Pilot.

Plans and policies


Management plans

Ski area site guidelines and long range plans

Environmental assessment

Parks Canada’s Environmental Impact Analysis Process meets its obligation under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) 2012 for identifying and managing the adverse environmental effects of projects for which it has decision-making authority. For further information please contact the Banff Field Unit Environmental Assessment Office: 403-762-1419

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