Lake Louise Ski Area Long-Range Plan

Banff National Park

The Lake Louise Ski Area has prepared a Long-Range Plan (LRP) to guide future development and use at the ski area in Banff National Park.

The projects proposed in the Long-Range Plan are consistent with the approved Lake Louise Ski Area Site Guidelines for Development and Use (2015). The proposed Long-Range Plan includes:

  • the addition of new ski lifts;
  • development of new ski terrain;
  • construction of new and expanded lodges and a warming hut;
  • construction of an operations and maintenance building near Temple Lodge;
  • creation of two water storage reservoirs;
  • expanded and re-designed parking areas;
  • and the development of non-skier winter activities such as tubing, snowshoeing, and ice climbing.

To view the approved Long-Range Plan and Detailed Impact Analysis, please visit the Lake Louise Ski Area’s project website.

The ski area has also prepared a detailed impact analysis of the LRP based on the 2018 Terms of Reference provided by Parks Canada. A detailed impact analysis is the most comprehensive form of assessment for projects in national parks. The DIA provides an overview of the LRP, and describes potential environmental effects and mitigations to eliminate or reduce those effects.

Parks Canada invited comments on the draft DIA from April 15 to June 15, 2019.

Parks Canada has reviewed all comments and provided direction to the Lake Louise Ski Area regarding any required amendments to the DIA or Long Range Plan. A summary of comments is available on the Lake Louise Ski Area’s project website.

The Lake Louise Ski Area hosted three public open houses to provide the public an opportunity to view and provide comments on the LRP and DIA. Parks Canada representatives participated in these meetings.

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