Discovery kits

Elk Island National Park

Explore Elk Island further with a free discovery kit from the Astotin Theatre: Kits are free to borrow for the day. Visitors of all ages can enjoy discovering more of Elk Island with these kits, which are available in English and French. 

Available Year-round:

Available in Summer:

Available in Winter:

Available Year-round:

Two visitors open a geochache.

Geocaching Kit: Come borrow a Geocaching Kit and feel like a modern-day treasure hunter and search for hidden messages in the Astotin Lake Area! Kit includes: GPS device and instruction manual.

A shooting star falls across a starry sky and the northern lights.

Dark Sky Kit: Experience the night sky in all its majesty! This kit is perfect for overnight campers. Make the most of the spectacular view here in the heart of the Beaver Hills Dark-Sky Preserve. Kit includes: binoculars, star finder, moon gazer, night sky book, headlamps, and instructions.

Available in Summer:

A couple spots a beaver lodge along Amisk Wuche Trail.

Nature Kit: Take hiking to the next level with binoculars and nature ID books. Explore Elk Island with a small backpack containing: binoculars, Birds of Alberta book, scat ID book, Animal Tracks of Alberta book, and bison safety tips.

Two children look through a pair of backpacks and remove a small fishing net.

Pond-Dipping Kit: It can be hard to tell the difference between a water strider and a water tiger, or between a backswimmer and a water boatman. Discover some of the smallest creatures in the park up close and observe their unique behaviours! Kit includes: net, tray, magnifying container, identification guide, and One Small Square book.  

Available in Winter:

A family plays in the snow in the Astotin Lake Area.

Winter Kit: Discover Elk Island’s winter wonderland! Borrow this kit for fun winter games, instructions on how to build a quinzee snow shelter, a guide to winter wildlife, and more. Kit includes: introduction booklet, winter bird guide, Field Guide to Animals in Snow book, binoculars, shovel, and a hiking checklist.

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