Maligne Valley in Winter

Jasper National Park

Winter is a magical time in the Maligne Valley. Whether on foot, skis, snowshoes or fat bike, get out and explore this special place. Check the map for trail options. All trails are user tracked.

Featured activities

Maligne Canyon | 11.5 km from Jasper

Frozen waterfalls and surreal ice formations make Maligne Canyon a magical place to explore. The trail along the rim of the canyon can be slippery; please be prepared. If you’re looking to venture onto the frozen bottom of the canyon, it is highly recommended you travel with a certified guide and wear a helmet and ice cleats.

Medicine Lake | 27 km from Jasper

Stop by Medicine Lake for a generous dose of winter scenery and adventure! Snowshoe the frozen lakeshore and bring your camera to capture the spectacular open views of the mountains, with the Colin Range to the east and the Maligne Range to the west.

Maligne Lake | 48 km from

Jasper Nestled among towering winter white peaks, the frozen and snow covered Maligne Lake is nothing short of a winter wonderland. Take in stunning lakeside views from Moose Lake Loop, or wander through the hills and hollows of an ancient rockslide on the Upper Moose Loop.

Trails and users Distance Difficulty Description

Maligne Canyon
7, 7f

Varied distances Moderate Varied route options along the top of the canyon. Frozen waterfalls and surreal ice formations make it a magical place to explore. Caution: slippery trail.

Medicine Lake

3 km return Easy Make your own trail along the shoreline from the Medicine Lake northern viewpoint.

Beaver or Summit Lakes


4 km or 10 km return Easy This forested trail begins at the Jacques Lake Trailhead.

Mary Shäffer Loop


3.2-km loop Easy

A beautiful loop that takes you past Curly Phillips’ historic boathouse on to a scenic viewpoint looking down Maligne Lake. The trail winds back through stands of pine, spruce and fir to the parking lot.
Maligne Lake

Hidden Cove


8 km return Easy Travel along the lakeshore to the Hidden Cove Campground. Ensure safe ice conditions.
Bald Hills

Moose Lake Loop


2.6-km loop Easy This easy trail will take you through scenic forest, over an old landslide and finally to Moose Lake. From there you will meander back along the shores of the majestic Maligne Lake.
Bald Hills

Upper Moose Lake Loop

6-km loop Moderate Wander through the hills and hollows of an ancient rock slide and then down to the shores of Maligne Lake. Follow the lake shore back to the trail head. Ensure safe ice conditions.
Bald Hills

Trapper Creek Route

13.4-km loop Difficult Set your own ski tracks along this challenging, rolling trailroute. Ski to Trapper Creek campground (5.9 km one way) or head south to enjoy beautiful meadow views then return along the lake. Ensure safe ice conditions.
Bald Hills

Safety tips & additional information

Not all signed destinations are safe for winter travel

  • You don't need to venture far to be in avalanche terrain. Choose your winter trail from a list of designated safe destinations based on the map above.
  • If you plan to travel beyond designated winter destinations, ensure you have appropriate knowledge, skills and carry a transceiver, probe and shovel. Avalanche Forecast.

Never feed or follow wildlife

  • If you see tracks, do not follow them toward the animal.
  • If you see an animal, give it lots of space and observe from a distance with binoculars or a telephoto lens.

Check the weather and trail report before departing

  • Cell phones are not always reliable throughout the park.
  • Trail reports are updated regularly as conditions change. Trails are rated for their overall condition and difficulty.
  • Review the weather and current closures before your trip and enjoy!

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