Winter walking

Jasper National Park

Trail etiquette

Thanks for respecting our trails and keeping them safe so that they can be enjoyed by all.

  • Please respect dog restrictions and closures
  • Do not walk on ski trails
  • Pack out all your garbage

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Hit the trails for a snowy hike around our easy trail network!

Top winter walking destinations

Enjoy the fresh air and unique winter scenery by exploring the following areas. Be prepared for snowy, icy and slippery conditions. Check the trail conditions.

Around town

Around town is a winter oasis for snowshoeing, fat biking and spectacular skating. Winter trail walks begin right from the edge of town; head up onto Pyramid Bench or explore across the Athabasca river.

For the 2023-2024 season, the Friends of Jasper National Park will continue their successful volunteer flat-packing program on the trails surrounding the Town of Jasper.

Around town trails
Trail Distance Difficulty Description
Lake Annette
Trail 4d
2.4 km loop 1. Easy An easy loop offering beautiful winter walking opportunities.
Lac Beauvert Loop
Trail 4a
3.5 km loop 1. Easy This flat loop around Lac Beauvert begins at Jasper Park Lodge.
Edge of the Bench
Trails 2j, 2b, 2c
4.2 km return 1. Easy This loop offers spectacular valley views.
Overlook Trail
Trails 2b, 2f, 2g, 2
6 km loop 2. Moderate Steep at first, this trail provides tremendous views of the valley.
Valley of the Five Lakes
Trails 9a, 9b
4.6 km loop 2. Moderate Follow Trail 9a and loop back on 9b. Watch for steep/slippery sections.
Jasper Discovery Trail
Trail 11
8.3 km loop 1. Easy An interpretive loop trail around the perimeter of town.
Dorothy, Virl, and Christine Lakes
Trails 60, 60a
8.6 km return 2. Moderate Steep in places, this forested trail has great lake views.
Pyramid Trail
Trail 15
10.8 km return 2. Moderate This mainly flat packed trail steadily climbs to beautiful Pyramid Lake.

Maligne Valley

One of the most stunning areas in Jasper National Park is the Maligne Valley. The frozen waterfalls and ice formations in Maligne Canyon make it a magical place to explore. Take in the pristine winter views further up the valley at Medicine and Maligne Lakes.

Maligne Valley trails
Trail Distance Difficulty Description
Maligne Canyon
Trails 7, 7f
Various km 2. Moderate Several trail options along the top of the canyon. Caution: slippery trails, bring ice cleats.
Mary Schäffer Loop
Trail 21
2.9 km loop 1. Easy A beautiful loop with a scenic viewpoint looking down Maligne Lake.
Maligne Lake
Moose Lake Loop
Trail 20
2.7 km loop 1. Easy This gentle trail rolls over the top of an ancient rockslide.
Bald Hills
Maligne Canyon safety

If you are planning to venture onto the frozen bottom of the canyon, we highly recommend you travel with a certified guide. Guides will outfit you with a helmet and ice cleats. They are familiar with hazards and know the safest route.

Hazards in the canyon

  • Surfaces are slippery and uneven
  • Thin ice and/or breakable shelf ice may give way unexpectedly
  • Below the ice, the river is cold, deep and fast-moving
  • Frequent rock and ice fall
  • There are limited ways to exit the canyon, making escape difficult
  • Cell phone coverage in the canyon is not reliable

Icefields Parkway and area

Athabasca Glacier
Athabasca Glacier

Winding 232 glorious kilometers through the heart of Jasper and Banff national Parks, the Icefields Parkway has been called one of the most scenic drives in the world. Glaciers, viewpoints and frozen waterfalls can be explored along this road.

Icefields Parkway trails
Trail Distance Difficulty Description
Athabasca Falls 0.5 km return 1. Easy A stroll to beautiful ice formations. Be safe; stay behind railings and on designated trails. Never travel on river ice.
Athabasca Falls
Upper Sunwapta Falls
Trail 125
0.1 km return 1. Easy A short walk takes visitors to a footbridge to view this beautiful frozen waterfall.
Sunwapta Falls
Lower Sunwapta Falls
Trail 125
2.8 km return 1. Easy Descend along the river to a set of stunning frozen falls.
Sunwapta Falls
Trail 53
3.6 km return 1. Easy Flat and rocky trail crossing moraine and glacial debris left behind by the Athabasca Glacier.
Wilcox Viewpoint
Trail 50
3.4 km return 2. Moderate A short climb with incredible views of the Athabasca and Dome glaciers. Avalanche terrain exists beyond the Red Chairs.

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