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Yoho National Park

The village of Field offers a handful of convenient services for visitors. The nearest full service town is Golden, B.C., 58 km west of Field.

Village of Field | Yoho National Park Visitor Centre | A to Z

Village of Field

The charming Village of Field (pop. ~200) is 27 km west of Lake Louise, Alberta on the Trans-Canada Highway, next to the Kicking Horse River.  Bring an appetite – one of the best kept secrets of this former mining town on the Canadian Pacific Railway line is the dining. Spend the day on a trail and the evening with friends over a mouth-watering meal in the village or at nearby Emerald Lake Lodge.

  • Yoho Visitor Centre 
  • lodge, hostel and guest houses 
  • ATM 
  • post office 
  • gas station 
  • electric vehicle (EV) charging station
  • playground 
  • restaurant and coffee shop 
  • nearest clinic (Lake Louise, Alberta) 
  • nearest hospital (Golden, B.C.)

Ambulance / Fire / RCMP (police) 911
Park Wardens, 24 hours, 1-888-WARDENS (1-888-927-3367)

Yoho National Park Visitor Centre

Yoho Visitor Centre

The Yoho National Park Visitor Centre and Friends of Yoho gift shop are located on the Trans-Canada Highway at Field, B.C. 

A to Z

Accessible Facilities

Yoho National Park offers some wheelchair accessible services and facilities. Contact the Visitor Centre for details.

Basic Amenities

Food – Restaurants and cafes are available in the village of Field and at Emerald Lake Lodge. The Siding Café in Field offers basic conveniences. There are no grocery stores in Yoho National Park.
Water – Potable water is available in each of Yoho National Park’s four campgrounds. Water from creeks, streams or lakes must be treated or brought to a rolling boil for a minimum of 2 minutes before drinking. For more information: Drinking water in the great Canadian outdoors
Hot Showers – Hot showers are available to campers in Kicking Horse Campground.
Laundry – The nearest laundromat is in Golden, B.C.

Cell Coverage and Wireless

Some carriers offer cell coverage in Field, B.C. Pay phones are available at the Yoho Visitor Centre. Cell coverage is limited outside Field and there is no WiFi in the park.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

There is an electric vehicle charging station in the Yoho Visitor Centre parking lot at Field, B.C. Consult PlugShare for details. 

Gift Shop

Gift shops are available in the Yoho Visitor Centre, at Emerald Lake, and in the Village of Field.


Watch for scenic lookouts along the Trans-Canada Highway throughout the national park. Additional scenic points can be explored on the Yoho Valley Road (mid-June through mid-October) and Emerald Lake Road (year-round). Visit this page to learn more.

Picnic Areas

Picnic sites along the Trans-Canada Highway are pleasantly situated beside the Kicking Horse River and in forested areas nearby. Most picnic areas have tables and wheelchair-accessible outhouse toilets.

RV and Bus Parking

RV and Bus Parking is available at the Yoho Visitor Centre.


Modern restrooms are available at the Yoho Visitor Centre at Field, B.C. Dry toilets are available at trailheads and day use areas throughout the park during the summer and in some locations during the winter. Outhouses are equipped with toilet paper and hand sanitizer and are cleaned daily.

Fuel and Transportation

Fuel and an EV charging station are available at Field, B.C. There is no public transportation in the park.

The Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1) bisects Yoho National Park. In winter, the highway is controlled for avalanches to ensure visitor safety and to reduce the frequency of road closures. Winter tires or mud and snow (M+S) tires are required on most provincial highways, including the Trans-Canada from October 1st through March 31st. The speed limit is 90 km / hour or 56 mph year-round.

Please drive carefully and pull well off the road when stopping to view wildlife. Some animals are dangerous, and all are easily disturbed, so please observe them at a distance from the safety of your vehicle.

If you need assistance, call 9-1-1 or contact Mountain Park Dispatch at 403-762-1470.

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