Safety is everyone’s responsibility. At Parks Canada, we do our part to make sure you can have a safe visit by assessing the risks, managing hazards, and making sure that safety information is freely available to everyone. You can do your part as visitors by making sure you seek out the information you need to stay safe and make well informed decisions while enjoying these special places. Know your limit for your chosen activity and stay within it. Do your planning before heading out and always have the most up to date information for your chosen adventure. Make sure you are fully prepared for whatever activities you choose to participate in so you can have a safe, enjoyable and memorable visit.

Emergency Contact Information
Police, Fire, Ambulance – 911
Wildlife issues, Campground disturbances, Wildfire, Poaching, Search & Rescue, etc. - 1-877-852-3100 or 867-872-0404

In an Emergency

  • Utilize the emergency radio-phone located at Pine Lake Campground.
  • Remember, cellular telephone coverage is not reliable in any areas of Wood Buffalo National Park.
  • Devices such as "SPOT", "InReach" and satellite phones are often the only devices that can be relied upon to work in the backcountry. Be familiar with your device, know the difference between the SOS/Emergency and messaging functions and ensure your contact person knows how to contact Parks Canada personnel in case of an emergency.


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