Wood Buffalo National Park

Wood Buffalo National Park


As a Canadian, you have a national park larger than many European  countries

Created in 1922, it was named after North America's largest land mammal which in 1922 was near extinction

Today, there are more than five thousand of them roaming free within the park

In 1983, UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site

Within the 44,807 sq kms of parkland, you can discover

One of the world's largest freshwater deltas

The world's longest beaver dam

Not from this beaver!

One of the world's rare northern habitats for brown bats

Karst Topography that can create sinkholes hundreds of metres across.

The worlds most northerly breeding site of the Red sided Garter Snake.

Canada's only salt plains, remnants of a prehistoric sea 

the last natural nesting ground of North America's tallest native bird

The endangered Whopping Crane

Three unique canadian ecosystems that come together in one wonderous place

Four seasons of outdoor fun for the whole family 

…and with a little planning it's all accessible 

Wood Buffalo National Park  Real Inspiring 

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Dark Sky Preserve


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[Text on Screen] In 2012

[Text on Screen] acclaimed film maker

[Text on Screen] Jeff Turner

[Text on Screen] was on assignment

[Text on Screen] filming a documentary

[Text on Screen] deep in the wilderness of

[Text on Screen] Wood Buffalo

[Text on Screen] National Park

[Text on Screen] His assignment was to

[Text on Screen] capture footage of

[Text on Screen] wolves and bison

[Text on Screen] along with any

[Text on Screen] other wildlife

[Text on Screen] However he couldn't

[Text on Screen] keep his eyes off

[Text on Screen] the night skies

[Text on Screen] Thanks Jeff

[Text on Screen] Enjoy the show

[Text on Screen] in the Earths Largest Dark Sky Preserve

[Text on Screen] Wood Buffalo National Park

First Steps



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[This video has no spoken language]

[Text on screen] First Steps

[text on screen] in Wood Buffalo National Park

[text on screen] Captured by Tony Trudeau April 29, 2013

[text on screen ] This calf is less than 20 minutes into a new world

[text on screen] It is a new and welcome addition to a threatened species in Canada

[text on screen] A newborn calf weighs close to 50 kilos

[text on screen] learning to walk is the first step towards surviving in the wilderness

[text on screen] First it trys all 4 legs at the same time

[text on screen] Success!

[text on screen] Then a short rest

Gotta start walking baby!

[text on screen] First the front legs... then the back legs.

[text on screen] That went well.

[text on screen] Now... repeat it. Momma's over there...

[text on screen] Careful, it's windy out there.

[text on screen] A short rest is required, it's been a long 3 metres

[text on screen] Now, to catch up to the milk delivery.

[text on screen] First steps

[text on screen] Brought to you by:

[text on screen] Wood Buffalo National Park

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Experience Wood Buffalo


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[Title: Wood Buffalo National Park]

The video features a group exploring the plains surrounding the shores of Grosbeak Lake in Wood Buffalo National Park.

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