Top 10 Virtual Hikes

Rouge National Urban Park

Here is a list of the best virtual hikes and views in the park so you can experience the great outdoors from the comfort of your home. No hiking gear required! 

Happy (e-)hiking!

Rouge Marsh Trail

Discover the largest remaining wetland in the city of Toronto – the Rouge Marsh.

Mast Trail

Explore this 200-year-old logging route that delves through rare Carolinian forest ecosystems.

Orchard Trail

Catch views of wetlands, forests and the Little Rouge River.

Vista Trail

Scroll through meadows and forests under blue skies during this virtual hike.

Glen Eagles Vista Trail

Scroll along the trails and take a look at the bluffs at the lookout.

Beare Wetlands Loop

Scrolling along the paths to get to the Beare Wetlands is the next best thing to hiking along these peaceful trails in real life.

Cedar Trail

You can take in the views of the mature forest and catch glimpses of the Little Rouge River along your virtual hike.

Woodland Trail

See tranquil meadows, mature forests and views overlooking the Little Rouge River.

Reesor Way/Tanglewood Trail

Scroll through forests and meadows and even take a look over the Little Rouge River right from the picturesque bridge.

Monarch Trail

Monarch trail has more stunning views of the Little Rouge River.

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