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Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

Larger-than-life landscapes await you just a few kilometers away by boat from Havre-Saint-Pierre or Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan. Whether you enjoy camping or hiking, the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve is a unique destination full of surprises. You will be amazed by the floral diversity of this mid-Nordic island environment and the thousands of seabirds and shorebirds that come here to nest and feed. Come discover or rediscover these natural treasures while enjoying the magnificent scenery provided by the erosion monoliths.

Île Niapiskau and Île Quarry

Île aux Perroquets and Île Nue de Mingan

SUP Marteau   

Camp de base - Noryak  

Auberge de l’île aux Perroquets

Supplementary information


1010 promenade des Anciens Havre-Saint-Pierre, Quebec
625 rue du Centre Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, Quebec

Approximately 200 km east of Sept-Îles

Closest airport: Sept-Îles
Parking for buses available

What to know

  • Open from June to September
  • Hike on more than 80 km of trails spread over 9 islands of the Mingan Archipelago!
  • Spend the night at one of our 36 campsites spread over 6 islands, in our “oTENTik” tents on Quarry Island or at the Auberge de l’île aux Perroquets, a 4-star accommodation.
  • NEW IN 2021: You will be able to spend the night in our brand new “Ôasis” accommodations available on Île du Havre.
  • Enjoy available nautical activities such as sea kayaking and stand up paddleboarding.

Interesting facts

  • Over 490 vascular plant species grow in the Mingan Archipelago, while the much larger Côte-Nord has only 380 species.
  • Over 35,000 pairs of seabirds find refuge in the archipelago during the breeding season. The most popular species is undoubtedly the Atlantic Puffin, which nests in two different sectors of the park reserve.
  • The islands are made up of limestone rock, which is 450 million years old! The monoliths, on the other hand, were formed 20 000 years ago.
  • Our discovery activities are a completely different way of experiencing the islands. Discover them through local products, Innu culture or a play in which you are part of the scenery.

Recommended amount of time to spend on site

  • Duration of the excursions will vary between 2 hours and 5 hours and 30 minutes. This will allow you to spend time on at least one of the islands.
  • If you have more time, you can spend the night in one of our different accommodations or use a water-taxi to spend the day.

When to go

  • The park reserve is open from June to September. The Atlantic Puffins can be seen until the end of August.

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