Île Niapiskau and Île Quarry

Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

The boat will bring you to Niapiskau Island first, where fossils and limestone giants await. On Quarry Island, the paths will lead you through a mosaic of natural habitats and a rich variety of flora. Along these same paths, ancient limestone cliffs sculpted by the sea rise up in the middle of the boreal forest. After traversing the intriguing barrens and bogs, you will discover stunning monoliths.


From July to September – every day

Departure at 9:00 a.m.

Price Contact the maritime transport services companies for commercial rates

Approaching Île Quarry, the boat follows the limestone cliffs of both Île du Havre and Île du Fantôme. Just as you turn to watch seabirds flying overhead, a whale makes its presence known by breaking the surface to catch its breath.

On the island, you are greeted by a Parks Canada Heritage Presenter who, during a hike, explains the adaptations of the various plant species and unveils the impressive displays of treasures delivered by the tides.

Deep in the boreal forest with its diverse lichens, the aromas change. Suddenly, a grouse scurries across the boardwalk trail.

En route, marvel at ancient limestone cliffs sculpted by the sea, standing in solitary splendour in the middle of the forest. The path that leads to Anse des Érosions and its monoliths leads through intriguing barrens and bogs. The next stop is Île Niapiskau where, at Anse des Bonnes Femmes, there are fossils and more giant limestone rock formations - check out the crocodile! There’s an owl, an eagle. Is that a wedding cake? Then, become formally introduced to the breathtaking Madame de Niapisca.


Contact the maritime transport services companies to make a reservation.

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  • Interpretation given in French
  • Available in English upon reservation
  • Suitable for small and large groups
  • Suitable for FIT (Fully Independent Travelers)
  • Reservation recommended

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