Universal access

Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

On the mainland, reception centres offer services such as washrooms, drinking fountains, public telephones, alarm systems and parking designed to meet the needs of persons with physical, auditory or visual disabilities.

From certain specially prepared and identified parking lots, visitors may easily access the reception centres, using a ramp that will lead them to ground-floor level.

For visitors with a hearing disability, the film The Mingan Islands, which lasts 18 minutes, is subtitled in both official languages.

Petite île au Marteau

Petite île au Marteau has been equipped in such a way that visitors in wheelchairs can enjoy a representative sample of the island park. The island offers a wharf, a picnic area, washrooms and a lookout point, all adapted to meet the needs of the clientele. Improvements have been made to hiking trails, for visitors' convenience.

Improvements to washroom facilities include the installation of handrails. Benches have been placed on the lookout point and close to the trail. A telescope adapted for visitors in wheelchairs has been installed. Those lookout point stairways that are equipped with a ramp are indicated by the slotting in of pieces of recycled plastic-wood of a contrasting colour.

Île Quarry

Sections of the boardwalk on Île Quarry have been reconstructed to eliminate steps that could be dangerous for visitors. The steps have been reorganized so that the staircases include three or more risers. The beginning of each staircase has been indicated by slotting in a piece of recycled plastic-wood of a contrasting colour. Handrails have been redesigned so that they are better adapted and rest areas have been set up along the trails.

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